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Bountiful Pet Suitcase Bed

Bountiful Pet Suitcase Bed

Regular price $157.00

The Bountiful Pet Suitcase Bed is one of a kind! 

Made from a green Vintage suitcase. It has a quilted colorful fabric slipcover with polka dot insert. The bed is accessorized with a vintage broach and ribbon.

This lovely and unique pet suitcase bed is perfect for cats and pets under 45 lbs. It is fully lined and completely cleaned inside and out. Inside is a handmade washable pillow that is extra soft and snugly filled that your pet can sink right into. 

The bed has lots of character and is a unique and individually crafted work of art. Smudges, dings, dents and other irregularities are intentional and do not diminish the quality of the piece in any way. Dimensions: 29" by 17" .