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Sunshine Pet Suitcase Bed

Sunshine Pet Suitcase Bed

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The Sunshine Pet Suitcase Bed is one of a kind and honestly our favorite! 

Made from a painted yellow vintage suitcase. It has a vibrant fabric, complimented with yellow bun feet and accessorized with vintage pearls and a brooch.

This lovely and unique pet suitcase bed is perfect for cats and pets under 30 lbs. It is fully lined and completely cleaned inside and out. Inside is a handmade washable pillow that is extra soft and snugly filled that your pet can sink right into. 

The bed has lots of character and is a unique and individually crafted work of art. Smudges, dings, dents and other irregularities are intentional and do not diminish the quality of the piece in any way.


Dimensions: 26" by 16" - Recommended for Pet 30lbs & Under
Washable Pillow Case


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